According to Emilie Helmstedt, MEMORIZE is to remember by heart. MEMORIZE are moments of pleasure - a gift from time.

With this collection, Emilie Helmstedt tries to capture the beauty in these moments and bring them back. 

“The MEMORIZE collection tries to capture the beauty of those little moments when time stands still with your nearest and dearest in a dreamy time. Moments from a forgotten time in a marvellous fairy tale where you solely enjoy the surroundings artistry.” 

- Emilie Helmstedt, Designer of HELMSTEDT

This season, Emilie Helmstedt has travelled back to a time when exquisite craftsmanship was a matter of course and details were covered in beauty.

The new collection finds its roots in the small moments in life where you make an effort to translate fine artistry into many shades of life from French Pâtisserie, old painted murals and to elegant get-togethers.


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