Where it started

HELMSTEDT was founded by Emilie Helmstedt in 2018 and was first seen on the runway with the SS19 collection, Oceania. From the outset, the brand has received international recognition from i.a. Vogue, ELLE and Forbes. HELMSTEDT works at the intersection between art and fashion – with the delight of the unexpected. The artistic approach is manifested in womenswear, sculptures, poems and from this year also a children’s collection. Each season’s whimsical universe starts from Emilie’s imagination and is brought to life in the HELMSTEDT design studio in Copenhagen – the Helmstedt House.

Emilie Helmstedt

When Emilie Helmstedt founded HELMSTEDT in 2018, it was based on a vision of bringing the worlds of fashion and art closer together.Growing up in a crafts focused family, Emilie always knew she would become an artist, and pursued that passion all throughout her life and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.Among the testaments to her talent, Emilie has won the largest Scandinavian fashion prize, Magasin Du Nord Fashion Prize, was shortlisted for the LVMH prize 2020, and named “the most visionary young designer in Copenhagen” by Vogue.

The foundation of a collection

It starts with a dream. Then loose lines on paper turning into sketches into elements of the story. The first styles will appear in the process.



Every color is blended by hand and carefully selected to find the shades that are just right for each collection



    Every print is hand-painted and comes to life in carefully chosen materials, making each piece of clothing a wearable piece of art, made for you to keep for a lifetime. In addition, each collection is produced as per demand to ensure no excess production.

    HELMSTEDT’s care for the environment has always been a part of the brand DNA and we are actively working on improving our sustainable profile. At the moment we are implementing new fabrics and leads in our supply chain. We always keep trying to reduce the footprint our company makes with sustainable initiatives.