Collection: SEDUCTION


This year has in many ways been filled with unexpected events. Our way of being together, close to each other, and finding love and comfort have been challenged and changed.

In collaboration with Browns, Helmstedt has made a collection inspired by our new every day, where we have to stay more at home, to take care of ourselves and each other. 

The styles are made of high-quality materials, using either 100% silk or cotton fabrics. In the development, there has been a focus on creating a comfortable fit and simultaneously keeping an elegant shape. 

The prints are inspired by how we, as well as the eye, can be seduced and carried away into an imaginary world. 

A world where seashells are holding up strawberries and where snakes are entangling themselves in between strawberry-bushes, seducing the eye to go on an adventure into the print.

This capsule is certainly made for dressing up, with nowhere to go.

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