Founded in Copenhagen in 2018, HELMSTEDT works at the intersection between art and fashion - with the delight of the unexpected. The artistic approach is manifested in womenswear collections, sculptures, and poems that all together constitute universes that start its journey in the HELMSTEDT design studio in Copenhagen. 

HELMSTEDT has received great acknowledgement across the world by being featured in publications such as Vogue Magazine, Elle, W. Magazine, Women's Wear Daily, and has been seen worn by Kendall Jenner, Brie Larson, Bella Hadid and Leandra Medine. HELMSTEDT was awarded the Magasin Du Nord Fashion Prize 2018, given by the Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and was shortlisted semi-finalist of the prestigious LVMH Prize 2020.  

Founder and Creative Director Emilie Helmstedt was born and raised in Copenhagen. Originally trained as a tailor and further educated at the Royal College of Fine Arts. HELMSTEDT favors a merge between the two worlds where quality, comfort, colors, and craftsmanship come first. Every print is hand-painted by Emilie herself. With visible brushstrokes that come to life in carefully chosen materials, each piece of clothing becomes a wearable piece of art.

 With hand-painted prints, Emilie Helmstedt has paved the way for how technical expertise and an artistic understanding can build up collections that eschew trends, by instead seeking to create wearable pieces of art that are meant to last for generations. Embracing this emotional durability, the universe of each collection lives on to new places no matter the season.


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