What is creativity to you?

Creativity is a way of troubleshooting where there's no simple solution or outcome. I'm most creative when there's a problem I need to solve or if I have some limitations that force me to think of alternatives. A straightway to an answer is most often not interesting to me.

How do you manage to stay both personal and original
in your creative endeavors?

The only way to stay personal and original in whatever you do, I believe, is by always focusing on what makes you excited about doing. And never try to figure out what other people might be excited about. That's a straightforward way to creative boredom.

Do you create hidden meaning in your works?

I feel that I'm constantly creating hidden meanings in my work. That's why I'm no good at math. It has clear answers to clear questions. In music, I'm trying to explain a feeling in sound. Which in itself is pretty abstract and hard to explain. But my emotions know when it's right.

Who do you define as visionary?

Other people’s initial reaction to my work of course affects me. But it doesn't necessarily make me change or adjust my work. I always know if they're right. If they raise a question about something, I was already doubting. But sometimes if I e.g. serve salmon and someone doesn't like salmon, I will not try to make the salmon taste like anything it isn’t :)

Have you ever doubted your talent? How did you work through it?

I doubt my talent whenever I'm not in contact with it. So whenever I'm creating, I don't doubt it and whenever I'm not creating, I doubt it. The outcome of that is why I work a lot :)


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