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The Posters are printed on recycled paper and the artwork is painted with water colors by Emilie Helmstedt

Comes in three different sizes:
• 35 x 50
• 50 x 70
• 70 x 100

"Creative director and Founder: Emilie Helmstedt Created the cover for the ELLE January 2021 Edition.

A year of lockdown, crisis & endless unseen obstacles. Running a business this year has been a tough challenge, but I feel very privileged and grateful for all the support and love I get from my customers to people I work with every single day. My work is my biggest power and joy, and I can’t wait for another year of great new experiences.

My inspiration behind the cover was to create something light and warm with the urge to give us all a little hope and brightness to start the new year with.
I am bringing a little love child to the world in April, which gives me so much love and renewed energy. Abloom for a new beginning - This I have tried capture into the drawing of the ELLE January cover.

And hope you can feel it too” - Says Emilie Helmstedt


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