“The bee is extraordinary in its expression and endless angles. It is sweet with its big round eyes, frightening with its sharp sting, and poetic when flying around with its flamboyant wings,” says Emilie, about the bee, which is her main inspiration for the BREEZE collection. The tiny insect constitutes the key element in the graphic prints of the garments, accompanied by flowers, fruits, and mushrooms.

With this collection, Emilie urges the celebration of nature. Her inspiration has been the small insects, that contribute to everything blossoming around us during the summer. The feeling of grass under bare feet. The smell of asphalt after a downpour of rain. Enchanting freckles and fresh red strawberries. She wants to celebrate those endless summer nights, simmering garden parties, refreshing dips in the ocean and picnics in the park – but just like the bee – she also strives to make her presence noticed, to be annoying, yet essential, a buzz that makes you aware and reminds you to take care.